Monday, September 7, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything Part 2

Well I have really been Lazy adding to my blog here and I am sorry for that. I hope this new installment makes up for it :>)

Todays subject is Blankets for little Girls..

I have a Huge inventory of different fabrics for the Feminine ones and it made it very difficult to
decide which ones I am going to focus on today..

So I`m going with the most Popular which is Disney Princesses and Ariel along with a few others.

First is a Beautiful Panel featuring Cinderella in the Center with her friends Belle and Sleeping Beauty along side her.

The Panel is 36" wide and 44" long.. It`s 100% Cotton

On the backside I will u
se a Pretty Pink Cotton.. And when it`s finished there will be a Pink Satin Blanket Binding all around the edges..

This is one of the Most Requested Blanket at Christmas time.

Then I have some Very Soft Flannel with the Princesses Faces on it..

Again, the back will be a Pretty Pink and will be edged in Satin Blanket Binding

This blanket when finished will measure 38" x 46"

Next I have
a Collage of Princesses on a 100% Cotton Fabric ..You can see from the picture here,

the Pretty Pink Satin Blanket Binding that I used to finish this one

It measures 38" x 46" finished..

And last but NOT least is Little Mermaid "Ariel"

She is one of my Granddaughters Favorite and quite popular with the 4-8

Year old Group
Ariel is in an Ocean of Bubbles here ..Fabric is 100% Cotton..

On the back of this I will use a Pale Blue Cotton..

To compliment Ariels hair color, a Bright Orange Satin Blanket Binding

looks Fantastic with this one

Finished measures 38" x 46"

So these are just a FEW of the Fabrics I have for little girls.. I have lots of others ie.. Hello Kitty

Dora The Explorer - Care Bears - Tinkerbell and then for the TWEENAGERS I have

Hannah Montana and High School Musical with a Special Flannel Fabric with Just TROY on it..

I will be happy to answer any questions anyone has about my Blankets, which you can find more

at my ebay store,

and share more pictures with you, you can email me @

Next installment soon on "Blankets for the Grown Ups"

Stay tuned :>)


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  2. Hi Kathy,

    Great post! I love your blankets, they are such good home made quality; not like you get in stores. Do you make pillows and curtains, too?


  3. Hi Shell,
    Yes I have made Panel Curtains and Pillows (stuffed) and pillow cases as well.
    Thanks for reading my blog.