Friday, June 5, 2009

Boogity Boogity Let`s Go Racing Boys !

All righty now ! If you couldn`t tell by the Title of this blog, I am a Nascar Fan..

Been one for about 43 years now.

I was kinda born into racing because my Uncle worked for a man who many years ago raced at the Local Track Waterford Speedbowl here in CT.

His name was Ed Yerrington and he drove in the Modified Division with the Phillips # 66 car.

Ed owned a Phillips 66 Gas Station in Preston CT and my Uncle Artie was the mechanic there.

Uncle Artie also helped work on the race car and was part of Ed`s Pit Crew

When I was around 10 or 11 I started going to the track with my Aunt Joan and Ed`s wife Shirley to watch Ed race

When Ed decided he was going to give up racing Uncle Artie built his own car and took over the
# 66

Now every Saturday night I was up in the grandstands screaming for my Uncle to win !

And now my Uncles Sons and Grandson and Granddaughter are carrying on the "family tradition" by racing at Waterford as well.. I attend as often as I can to cheer my Family on..

Years later I discovered " The Big Boys" in Nascar and would sit in front of the TV every Sunday, and some races were on Saturday nights, cheering on my Favorite Driver who at the time was Rusty Wallace.
Rusty was driving the MGD #2 in what was known as the Winston Cup Series

A few years earlier, before I really got into Nascar, Rusty had won his first and unfortunately ONLY Winston Cup Championship driving the Kodiak # 89 Car

Now he was driving for Roger Penske Motorsports and would continue to drive for him until 2005 when Rusty announced he would retire from Racing at the age of 49

So who was I going to "root" for now that Rusty is retiring was a question I was asked and answered almost immediately..

Kurt Busch of course ! Kurt was hired to be behind the wheel of the NOW Miller Lite # 2 Car

So every Sunday ( and some Sat. nights) from Feb - Nov I can be found sitting in front of the TV "cranking it up" with my husband and 43 of my Nascar Buddies..

A few years ago Winston announced that after 50 years they would No Longer be the Primary Sponsor for the Nascar Series.

Nextel took over for a few years and now it`s known as The Sprint Cup Series.

I attended my first Nascar Race at Loudon New Hampshire back in July of 1997 and have attended every race there since. There are 2 races held in NH each season. The first ( used to be in July) is now at the end of June and the 2nd is in September usually the 2nd weekend.

I`ve also attended races at Pocono Speedway, Talladega Super Speedway and Daytona for the 500 which is considered by most Nascar Fans to be the Superbowl of Nascar !

My hope for the future is to attend a race at Bristol Motor Speedway and Miami Homestead for the Final Race of the Season to see the Championship determined.

I enjoy watching the Nationwide Series also which is like Minor League in Baseball and definitely like the Truck Series which is sponsored by Camping World now..

All in all I LOVE RACING of any kind !

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  1. WOW! This sounds like a lot of fun. What a great childhood you had.